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IT to your specs.
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IT to your specs _

Patch Cable Network operates on a simple premise: no two businesses are exactly alike, so why should IT solutions be? Rather than the standard “canned” approach, the first thing we connect is our enterprise-level corporate experience to your unique needs as a smaller business.

It starts with a customized plan built around your actual and anticipated business needs. Next, is a hands-on implementation that is fast, thorough and non-disruptive to your business. The end result is a reliable, scalable IT network that fits your business like a glove.

Our engineers have built and managed large networks for companies such as Qualcomm, UPS and Microsoft. We’re hoping it’s all the practice we need to devise a perfect solution for you.

How we work _

  • Simple monthly billing based on number of employees and hardware/software requirements.
  • All your employees have direct daily access to the engineer who built your system rather than an automated help-desk.
  • “Best price” hardware/software purchases through our partnerships with major vendors such as Dell, HP and Microsoft.
  • Complete network documentation (IT Run book) given to you in book form.
  • Real-time hardware monitoring to identify sudden or pending failures.
  • 24/7/365 support. We’re on the spot when you need us – period.
  • Monthly maintenance you won’t even be aware of because it’s performed remotely.
  • Google Apps sold to you at our reseller cost. We can even assume your existing contract. 

Big ideas for small business _

We specialize in small to mid-size businesses that want the same expertise and advantages the big companies get. Here’s a look at some of the companies we work for and what they say about us.

Clients _

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.
“I’ve been working with Alex for over 10 years. Since then I have never had a virus or interruption in my network on any IT related device since then. Alex has developed the necessary networks to allow us to conduct business all over the world without feeling like we are going to have security problems with remote access to our servers. Alex has set up and managed our servers so we have 99.99% up time and very little or no problems. I would recommend Patch Cable Network for anyone business owner who doesn’t want to have to worry about IT services any longer. Alex is the one stop place for all fixes to your small or large IT problems.” — John A. Darroch, President & CEO
The Light Garden
“Alex and Patch Cable Network have been an integral part of our business growth and development since 2007. Reliable, personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend Patch Cable Network to any business looking to start or improve their IT needs.” — Chris P. Elson, Operations Manager
Crescendo Therapeutics, LLC
“We’ve been working exclusively with Alex for all our IT needs since the inception of our company and he has proved to be an instrumental part of our business.  We are extremely comfortable with the fact that he’s there when we need him.  In the years we have worked with Alex, we have experienced zero down time, no technology blips, and continue to operate on an incredibly fast system.  Working with Alex over the years has provided all of the reliability of a full-time IT person at a part-time price.” — Eric Glader, President and CEO
VOX Footwear
“We have depended on Patch Cable Network for IT services for years. We always receive high quality services at reasonable rates. Problems, big or small, are dealt with efficiently. More often than not, it takes only one phone call or an email to get the issue resolved.” — Pei-ting Lin, General Manager
Holiday Wine Cellar
“Alex Maldonado with Patch Cable Network is a true professional and most definitely cares about his customer’s needs. Alex took our old system that was always breaking down and built us a brand new network that works perfectly. He maintains our system and is always available to help us with any questions or problems that we may have. We are very pleased that we chose Patch Cable Network and we would strongly recommend their services.” — Jennifer Sharrer, General Manager
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, Inc

“High Praises to the service and attentiveness, and resulting minimal “bad IT days” my company experiences with Patch Cable and Alex Maldonado. We’ve used Alex since 2006, he took over from a “fast growing” IT company, and reduced our hassles and costs in a significant way. Good guy, good service, good attitude. I wish my entire vendor list were more like Alex.” — Tony Ellsworth, President\Owner

Call or write _

427 9th Avenue, #1405
San Diego, CA 92101
P: 858.688.1050

Contact us _

In the great Patch tradition of keeping things simple, please fill out this basic “spec” form and we’ll get back to you – in one big damn hurry. Thanks for your interest. We appreciate it.

IT for the rest of us _

“Patch” is a small, but passionate and experienced group of IT professionals with a single mission: to bring big business expertise to the small businesses that are the backbone of every community in America. We have an impressive list of certifications and credentials. But more importantly, we take genuine pride in what we do: pain-free, intelligently-designed, cost-effective IT networks that align with your business rather than hinder it.

You’ll also find that, for technologists, we put a great value on humanity. We don’t use big or confusing words when plain English will do. We listen before we speak. Every once in a while, we’ll even invite you for a drink after work just to not talk IT.
We’d like nothing better than to have your email and password on our client login above. Give us a call when you’re ready.